What does TSC Membership include? 

·       Membership to The TSC Members Club includes access to all our facilities; Swimming Pool, Gym, Fitness Classes, Sauna, Athletics Track, Tennis plus Badminton and Table Tennis when available.

·       We do not offer gym only or swim only Memberships.

Do you have to be associated with Tonbridge School to join?

·       No, TSC Memberships are open to everyone!

When are you open and how do your timetables work?

·       Our Activity and Class timetables are available on our website 2 weeks in advance and members can book classes up to 8 days in advance.

·        As the facilities are shared with the Tonbridge School Pupils, there are certain times of the day that the facilities are closed to the Public during term time.

Can I bring a guest?

·        Absolutely, Adult Members may bring up to two guests on the purchase of a Guest Pass which allows entry for the whole day.

·        Guests may book into classes up to 24 hours in advance.

·        Child Members are not permitted to sign in guests.

How old do children need to be to use the facilities?

·       Children under the age of 14 can use the Centre supervised by an adult TSC Member.

Fitness suite

o   Aged 14+ Full unsupervised use of the fitness gym after a full induction

o   Aged 13 Adult supervised use of the cardiovascular equipment only

o   Aged 11-13 May attend kick start sessions

Exercise classes

o   Aged 14+

Swimming pool

o   Aged 14+ Unsupervised use of the pool

o   Aged 8-13 May use the pool unsupervised, however a responsible adult must be present in the building at all times

o   Aged 4-7 Adult supervision required at all times, with a child to adult ratio of 2:1

o   Aged 0-3 Adult supervision required at all times, with a child to adult ratio of 1:1. The ratio is increased to 2:1 with the use of appropriate buoyancy aids


o   Aged 16+

Badminton, tennis, table tennis, athletics track

o   Aged 14+ Unsupervised use of the above facilities

o   Aged 8-13 May use the above facilities unsupervised, however a responsible adult must be present in the building at all times

o   Aged 0-7 Adult supervision required at all times



How are Membership fees collected?

·        Fees will be collected by Direct Debit for monthly memberships or upfront for annual memberships.

·        The direct debit will be taken on or around the first of every month.

·        Any applicable joining fees and a pro-rata membership fee will be collected at the time of joining.

·        Fees will be reviewed annually in September and implemented by giving one month’s notice.



Can I Freeze my membership?

·       Members may only suspend their membership for medical or financial reasons.   

·       Membership suspensions are for a minimum of two and maximum of six months.

What is your cancellations policy?

·       Members paying monthly will be subject to a minimum contract period.

·       Members may cancel their membership in writing by giving a minimum of one full calendar months’ notice.

·       Notification must be received on or before the 1st day of the month for the cancellation to become effective on the last day of that month.

·       Members paying annually in advance will not be able to cancel their membership until month 11, at this point one months’ notice should be given in writing.



Do you offer any Pay As You Go activities?

·       At TSC we offer a range of additional activities for adults, from Ballet to Scuba Diving.

·       Please check out the Additional Activities tab find out more about the activities on offer.

·       We offer a fantastic range of professional sports-related qualifications, including the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification



Do you have to be a member to book a Recre8 course?

·       No, not at all, courses are available for children of all ages, offering a range of sport, educational and creative term-time and holiday activities.