Hockey Academy

The Hockey Academy was founded in September 2011 and is based at the Tonbridge School Centre. It is an outstanding Hockey facility, consisting of two water-based Astroturf pitches, one sand-based pitch, a small caged warm up area ideal for 1:1 and enclosed small group practice as well as an Indoor Hockey court. As an Academy we are aiming to be a Regional Centre of Excellence for Hockey, providing coaching opportunities for all players whatever their age. We provide support for all our local schools and clubs as well as other partner organisations and provide a strong Coach Education programme to support all coaches and teachers in delivering various aspects of the game. We are committed to quality in all our initiatives for the Academy, providing ‘a place to go’ for all Hockey needs. This is achieved in a flexible manner which ensures that our approach is tailored specifically for each individual need, whilst maintaining a fun, safe, challenging and progressive environment.