Adult Swimming Lessons

You are never too old to learn to swim, or to improve your swim technique!

Swimming is an excellent form of low-impact exercise with many health benefits including weight loss, muscle toning and cardio-respiratory improvement.

Our level 2 swim teachers offer one-to-one sessions or small classes. Our class sizes are kept small, so you can be sure to still receive individual attention in a friendly environment.

Our Adult Learn to Swim Programme follows the Swim England (formerly ASA) framework and caters for every type of adult swimmer; from those who are nervous or unable to swim at all, to those who are looking to improve their current swimming ability, stroke technique, or build stamina to complement their land-based training.

The beginner's class will focus on confidence and water familiarisation, gliding practice, introduction to correct stroke technique, breathing when swimming, floatation and water safety and entries and exits.

The improvers class will cover treading water, tumble turns introduction, aquatic breathing, stroke correction, building stamina, streamlining, sculling and efficient use of the water.

Members and non-members are welcome, so why not come along with a friend?

Please contact Evan Morgan, Duty Manager (Development) here for further information and to register your interest.

Customer Testimonials

"It was great to be able to have the opportunity of one to one swimming lessons as it was something I had wanted to improve for along time, having always felt I slowed everyone else up with my own style and wanting to go faster.
Ian was my teacher and I found him encouraging and supportive from the off – every week we concentrated on something different which built up on the last thing and in no time at all I was zipping along.  It was great to be able to get proper techniques into place and see some great results, I really feel that I have made fast progress in effectively quite a short space of time (practise of course makes perfect) and am really enjoying the fact that now I know I’m doing it all correctly and feel a much stronger swimmer for it.

It really has been one of the best things I’ve ever done and having Ian as my teacher was the icing on the cake!"



"I like to challenge myself with fitness goals, and last year I decided that swimming was going to be my primary focus.

I really wanted to master front crawl.  I used to admire all the lane swimmers, swimming so ‘effortlessly’ in the medium and fast lanes, but when I attempted front crawl myself, I would be gasping for breath after just one length.  I really couldn’t understand it.  I’m generally pretty fit!

So, I booked myself a course of improver swimming lessons and was lucky to be partnered with Ian.  As I work full time, it was important to find a slot that worked with my schedule. The club were really flexible and my lessons took place on a Monday morning at 7:30am. To achieve my aim, it meant going back to basics, learning what ‘good’ looked and felt like, developing a technique and sorting out my breathing.   It’s been absolutely enlightening to work with Ian. He’s boosted my confidence, been so encouraging, and helped me achieve my goal in a matter of months!

This year I’ve met with Ian and other swim/gym friends for swim evenings at Leybourne Lakes, where I’ve put all my new knowledge into practice – swimming the perimeter of the lake, approx. 1.2km, non-stop. I also entered my first competitive swim with Ian for the Rose Road Association charity in September, at Southampton Boat Show. The course was 1.25km and sea swimming was a totally different experience to swimming in either the pool or a lake. Another ‘tick’!

I absolutely recommend improving your swim stroke. I feel like I’ve learned such a valuable life skill  and opened up lots of possibilities  for the future… triathlon, anyone?!"